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Why Some Cars Do Not Have 2-axis Marine Antenna?

Edit: Dotogo Tecchnologies Co.,Ltd      Date:Aug 03, 2017

Why some cars do not have 2-axis Marine Antenna?
The car has a radio, especially FM radio, in order to ensure a good listening effect, will be equipped with a car radio 2-axis Marine Antenna, some cars can see from the appearance of 2-axis Marine Antenna, and some car appearance is completely Less than 2-axis Marine Antenna. So do not see the 2-axis Marine Antenna by the car to receive the broadcast signal?
Automotive industry experts: In fact, all cars will have 2-axis Marine Antenna, but quietly hidden up, then the car can not see the 2-axis Marine Antenna hidden in what place? It is hidden in the rear window of the car, take a closer look at your car rear window glass has a thin line, those printed on the glass line is the car's radio 2-axis Marine Antenna. This 2-axis Marine Antenna called active rear window 2-axis Marine Antenna system, is a 90-year development of a car 2-axis Marine Antenna system, the use of automotive rear window defibrillator printed circuit pattern, plus a specially designed 2-axis The marine antenna amplifier and its accessories, while retaining its defrost function, make it an effective receiving unit for the AM / FM signal. The advantage of this 2-axis Marine Antenna is that superior AM / FM reception performance, with very good durability, to prevent high-speed traffic when the wind noise, to prevent theft and car wash damage, but also put an extension rod or automatic 2-axis Seepage of marine antenna.
  Automotive 2-axis Marine Antenna The 2-axis Marine Antenna on the car is used in the car's radio and radio, which can be divided into two-axis marine antenna and an external 2-axis Marine Antenna. But according to different uses of the car also have to install other 2-axis Marine Antenna. Such as the bus has a DVB-T2 axis marine antenna, car TV2 axis marine antenna. Logistics and taxis are also equipped with GSM2 axis marine antenna, GPS satellite 2 axis marine antenna. Radio and radio 2-axis Marine Antenna is mainly AM / FM2 axis marine antenna, soft PCB digital 2-axis Marine Antenna, AM / FM / TV2 axis marine antenna. Depending on the function and purpose, the frequency of the 2-axis Marine Antenna used is different.

     Due to the limited height of the vehicle itself, plus too long 2-axis Marine Antenna in the vehicle at high speed when the formation of wind resistance, over the bridge hole, into the underground garage is the problem, so the car 2-axis Marine Antenna is not the longer the better, generally require the car 2-axis Marine Antenna does not exceed 70 cm, the van requires 2-axis Marine Antenna shorter. Shortened 2-axis Marine Antenna small size, although the gain is not high, but suitable for use in the need to conceal the 2-axis Marine Antenna occasions.
Five-fifths of the wavelength and the middle of the sense of type
General police vehicles are recommended to install high-plus 2-axis Marine Antenna, especially in the area of relatively large range of vehicles, 350MHZ high-gain 2-axis Marine Antenna is divided into five-fifths of the wavelength of the sense of the form, from the 2-axis Marine Antenna There is a sense coil at the top half of the wavelength. 400MHZ band two-half wavelength 2-axis Marine Antenna has a high gain, its appearance is characterized by 2-axis Marine Antenna oscillator has two sense of the coil. Five-fifths of the wavelength and the middle of the sense of type also have a higher gain, and the price is cheaper, so get a wide range of use. In the case of a 2-axis Marine Antenna, a 2-axis Marine Antenna with a high gain can be considered as a temporary fixed-stage 2-axis Marine Antenna. The length of the 2-axis Marine Antenna need not be excessive. Since the sucker 2-axis Marine Antenna is designed according to the environment of the automobile, it is preferable to use a metal plate (such as a metal sheet) having a radius of more than 1 m under a fixed use. As the original imported car 2-axis Marine Antenna price is very expensive and the advantages are not prominent, so generally use the domestic car 2-axis Marine Antenna. In the 2-axis Marine Antenna selection phase mainly refers to the appearance and gain of the 2-axis Marine Antenna. Recommended the selection of large manufacturers of brand-name products, they provide the parameters of the relatively high authenticity, manufacturing process is also guaranteed. If it is batch purchase can go to professional 2-axis Marine Antenna manufacturers according to the use of frequency customization to achieve the best results.