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What Kind Of Car Satellite TV Antenna Is More Suitable For Home, The Installation Should Pay Attention To Those Points?

Edit: Dotogo Tecchnologies Co.,Ltd      Date:Aug 24, 2017

What kind of Car Satellite TV Antenna is more suitable for home, the installation should pay attention to those points?
Some areas are still not covered with cable television signals, and many people still use the TV Car Satellite TV Antenna to receive signals. TV Car Satellite TV Antenna types are many, more common is the Car Satellite TV Antenna, which is commonly known as the satellite lid, it is better than the individual Car Satellite TV Antenna signal, because it will receive the weak signal Gathered at one point, the signal is more stable and less impurity.
At present, the market sales of Car Satellite TV Antenna is divided into domestic and foreign products. Foreign imports of the original Car Satellite TV Antenna, a diameter of 1.5 meters, the product is powerful, support for dual language stereo, can receive multiple bands of the signal, comes with far infrared remote control and program search; import parts assembly Car Satellite TV Antenna, The price is cheaper than the original machine, the performance is also very stable; the second phase of the import and export of the machine, the quality of this Car Satellite TV Antenna is difficult to protect the purchase of attention to screening.
Domestic production of satellite satellite TV antenna has a new improved version, for the six petals, 1.6 meters in diameter, can be folded and stretched to facilitate the carrying, the panel made of alloy material, with good corrosion resistance and reflectivity. Car Satellite TV Antenna bracket using a combination of steel, high stability, not susceptible to wind. We buy Car Satellite TV Antenna, but also pay attention to whether it has a sound after-sales service.
Car Satellite TV Antenna installation steps are simple, we can do it yourself. First, the Car Satellite TV Antenna pot panel and the tuner fixed on the bracket, the rest in accordance with the instructions assembled, pay attention to the signal receiver and the center of the satellite pot is good.
And then the Car Satellite TV Antenna and home TV set-top box connected to the TV set-top box and TV audio and video wiring connected to pay attention to the interface to match the color, red and white yellow line corresponding to the same color interface.
Turn on the TV and set-top boxes, adjust the TV signal to the receiving channel, and adjust the corresponding frequency of the Car Satellite TV Antenna. Many programs set up encryption, we can not watch, use the remote control set up a good transponder can watch, the specific operation of each brand is not the same, but the principle is the same. We add a new transponder to the menu's transponder settings and set the corresponding frequency parameters. Automotive satellite TV antenna facing the southwest, the Car Satellite TV Antenna signal reception effect is susceptible to high impact, so as far as possible on the high, in order to ensure the smooth transmission of television signals.
 There are many types of Car Satellite TV Antenna, according to the signal transmission method can be divided into: 1. ground digital TV one machine (connecting the Car Satellite TV Antenna), 2. cable digital TV one machine (then cable television network), 3. Satellite digital television (via satellite satellite TV antenna, commonly known as "pot", and satellite standard external set-top box).
Is to use the Car Satellite TV Antenna free to receive, but only individual cities opened; less programs, 2 to the radio and television opened, charges; 3 pot is your own get. Effect, as long as the signal strength enough to be able to watch high-definition programs, but the lid relative to the cable, the interference may be greater, thunderstorms, electromagnetic, etc. can cause signal interference, and cable is basically small.
The lid Car Satellite TV Antenna can be free, but basically the current is illegal, can be free, but only a handful of several units, so only the choice, charges, that white is the set-top box.
 First, the 5G will use large-scale MIMO Car Satellite TV Antenna technology to enhance capacity, base station Car Satellite TV Antenna number will have exponential growth, even if the highly integrated automotive satellite TV antenna array in a single Car Satellite TV Antenna output will decline, The final Car Satellite TV Antenna market size or there will be significant growth. At present, the base station Car Satellite TV Antenna base station equipment ratio of about 2.8% -4%, we believe that with the 5G using large-scale automotive satellite TV antenna array and Car Satellite TV Antenna from passive to active, future Car Satellite TV Antenna procurement ratio will be greatly improved. =
Second, the 5G large-scale multi-Car Satellite TV Antenna means that the base station side will have multiple channels (for example, from 4T4R to 64T64R), and each channel requires a set of RF devices for signal processing. Therefore, assuming that the number of 5G and 4G base stations is the same, the number of base station RF devices will increase significantly due to the increase in the number of base station channels. And 5G RF device processing signal is more complex, higher performance requirements, the value of its monomer will be greatly improved. Therefore, RF devices will benefit significantly in the 5G industry chain.