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What Are The Precautions To Protect The Motor Homes Antenna?

Edit: Dotogo Tecchnologies Co.,Ltd      Date:Aug 14, 2017

What are the precautions to protect the Motor Homes Antenna?
 The Motor Homes Antenna is in the middle of the roof when the launch of the best, but the words of the Motor Homes Antenna is very high, when the tunnel or the road is easy to be linked to the Motor Homes Antenna. Please look at the following Motor Homes Antenna need to pay attention to what?
 1: do not use the camouflage Motor Homes Antenna (because the quality is not guaranteed), either with a diamond Motor Homes Antenna, or use the association Motor Homes Antenna. To ensure that the Motor Homes Antenna itself has a standing wave ratio of 1.5 or less. And to ensure that the impedance, reactance match.
 2: Motor Homes Antenna can not be used down, after the wave will be great, damage the machine.
 3: Motor Homes Antenna can not be used indoors, but also caused high standing wave. Also harmful to the human body.
 4: try not to always remove the Motor Homes Antenna, the course of time is likely to cause poor contact with high standing waves, affecting machine life.
 5: rainy day attention joints can not be water, if the water, will also be in the wave height. Usually also pay attention to the inspection of the joints. There is no loosening of the situation.
 6: often check the feeder line, there is no damage, if there is damage proposed replacement, because it will cause radio leakage, the formation of standing waves, endangering the human body. If broken 100% can not be fired.
 7: the team or close communication with low-power launch, will increase the service life of the car. Also beneficial to their own health.
 8: If it is a Motor Homes Antenna, the car rectifier on the battery output voltage to ensure that the following 15V. Usually can be measured with a meter. It should be noted that: when the voltage is generally around 12.5V, the voltage should be about 13.5V or so, to improve the speed of 3 thousand turn, as long as no more than 14V on the rectifier that there is no problem. The radio will be well protected.
 9: no longer deviate from the radio transmitter module, and deviate from the frequency of the Motor Homes Antenna center frequency outside the launch, because the more deviation, the greater the standing wave. More can not 400 trillion Motor Homes Antenna in the 2 meters above the launch, in turn, can not. This situation is serious on the machine on OVER.
10: Motor Homes Antenna damage, fracture can not be fired. And some invisible, such as the Motor Homes Antenna root as a matching resistance can not be burned, otherwise the Motor Homes Antenna does not match the situation, easy to form a high standing wave.
GPS Motor Homes Antenna means by accepting satellite signals, so as to locate or navigate the Motor Homes Antenna used. What are the factors that affect the GPS Motor Homes Antenna?
1, ceramic pieces: ceramic powder is good or bad and the sintering process directly affect its performance. Is the use of ceramic products are mainly 25 × 25,18 × 18,15 × 15,12 × 12. The larger the ceramic area, The greater the electrical constant, the higher the resonant frequency, the better the acceptance. Ceramic pieces are mostly square design, is to ensure that the resonance in the XY direction is basically the same, so as to achieve the effect of uniform convergence.
2, silver layer: ceramic Motor Homes Antenna surface silver layer can affect the Motor Homes Antenna resonance frequency. The ideal GPS ceramic chip frequency accurately falls at 1575.42MHz, but the Motor Homes Antenna frequency is very vulnerable to the surrounding environment, especially in the machine , Must be adjusted by adjusting the shape of the silver coating to adjust the frequency to re-maintain at 1575.42MHz. Therefore, GPS machine manufacturers in the purchase of Motor Homes Antenna must be with the Motor Homes Antenna manufacturers to provide the whole sample for testing.
3, the feed point: ceramic Motor Homes Antenna through the feedback point to collect the resonance signal and sent to the back of the Motor Homes Antenna impedance matching reasons, the feed point is generally not in the Motor Homes Antenna in the center, but in the XY direction to do minor adjustments. This impedance matching method is simple and does not increase the cost. Only the movement in the uniaxial direction is called a single-biased vehicle antenna, both of which are called two-axis movement.
 4, the amplifier circuit: carrying ceramic Motor Homes Antenna PCB shape and area.As the GPS has a touch to the characteristics of the rebound, when the background is 7cm × 7cm uninterrupted earth, PATCH Motor Homes Antenna performance can be played to the extreme. Although the appearance of structural factors such as constraints, but try to maintain a considerable area and uniform shape. Amplifier circuit gain must be selected with the back-end LNA gain.Sirf GSC3F requirements before the total input signal input should not exceed 29dB, otherwise the signal will be generated from the saturation Excited