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What Are The Advantages Of A 2-axis Marine Antenna?

Edit: Dotogo Tecchnologies Co.,Ltd      Date:Aug 24, 2017

What are the advantages of a 2-axis Marine Antenna?
2-axis Marine Antenna do not know what the concept is in your heart, for the wireless and 2-axis Marine Antenna, many people may not know this piece of wireless and 2-axis Marine Antenna what is linked, then today Xiaobian to explain for everyone , Let everyone know this piece of knowledge, there are mainly to share the advantages of 2-axis Marine Antenna which, see below:
The radio frequency signal output from the wireless data transmission station is transmitted through the feeder (cable) to the 2-axis Marine Antenna, and the 2-axis ocean antenna radiates the electromagnetic wave. The electromagnetic wave arrives after receiving the address, followed by a 2-axis Marine Antenna (only a small fraction of the power is received) and fed via a feeder to the radio receiver.
It can be seen that the 2-axis Marine Antenna is a major radio device for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves, and there is no 2-axis Marine Antenna and no radio communication. 2-axis Marine Antenna for a wide range, for the same frequency, not the same use, not the same occasions, not the same request is not the same as the use of the case. It is necessary to make a proper classification for a wide variety of 2-axis Marine Antennas:
According to the classification, can be divided into communication 2-axis Marine Antenna, TV 2-axis Marine Antenna, radar 2-axis ocean antenna, etc .; according to the job frequency classification, can be divided into short-wave 2-axis Marine Antenna, ultrashort wave 2-axis Marine Antenna, Antenna, etc .; according to the direction of classification, can be divided into 2-axis Marine Antenna, 2-axis Marine Antenna; by shape classification, can be divided into linear 2-axis Marine Antenna, surface 2-axis Marine Antenna.
Today Xiaobian want to share the knowledge of the 2-axis ocean antenna, because last week Xiaobian to find a few good friends to play, but they are science students, with Xiao Bian together, naturally do not take small The most talked about with them is the 2-axis ocean antenna, because they are planning a project, just 2-axis Marine Antenna this type, and then Xiaobian in the next obscure notes, because Xiao Bian This type of do not understand, and take on the words, in general, is a great harvest, then today Xiaobian put their own learned dry goods to share to everyone.
 2-axis Marine Antenna on the space does not have the same direction with different radiation or acceptance, which is the direction of the 2-axis ocean antenna.
      According to the direction of the different, 2-axis Marine Antenna with omnidirectional and directional two. The following is a brief explanation of the difference between the 2-axis Marine Antenna and the 2-axis ocean antenna:
      2-axis Marine Antenna, that is, in the horizontal pattern on the performance of 360 °
Are uniform radiation, that is, usually said no directionality. In general, the smaller the lobe width, the greater the gain. 2-axis Marine Antenna in the communication system is usually used near the interval,
Cover large scale, cheap. The gain is usually below 9dB.
      2-axis Marine Antenna: 2-axis Marine Antenna, in the horizontal direction on the performance of a certain angle scale radiation, that is, there is always said directional. As with the 2-axis Marine Antenna, the smaller the lobe width, the greater the gain. 2-axis Marine Antenna in the communication system is usually used in the communication interval far, cover a small scale, the principle of large density, high frequency utilization environment.
 We can also consider the relationship between the 2-axis Marine Antenna and the 2-axis ocean antenna. The 2-axis Marine Antenna will transmit signals to all corners of the globe, and the signals will be able to receive signals. The 2-axis Marine Antenna is like a 2-axis Marine Antenna The rear cover of a bowl of strong reflective surface, the signal can only be passed to the front, fired at the back of the signal is blocked by the reflective surface and reflected to the front, to strengthen the front of the signal strength.
History is the history of society, society is the way forward, 2-axis Marine Antenna and the relationship between the Internet is also very close, with the rapid development of Internet users in the city and more and more high-rise buildings, LTE network application density, Coverage requirements are also rising. Buildings are large, good quality, have a strong shielding effect on the network signal, and in the large buildings of the lower floors, underground shopping malls, underground parking, commercial venues, sports venues, electronics, food factories, production sites, supermarkets Place, LTE network signal is weaker, the basic can not be used normally, thus forming a mobile network blind and shadow area. And the indoor network distribution can effectively solve this type of problem.
   The LTE indoor distribution system is a scheme for improving the indoor environment of the building for the indoor user group. It mainly uses the outdoor 2-axis ocean antenna to receive the signal of the mobile base station, and then uses the indoor 2-axis Marine Antenna distribution system to distribute the signal evenly Distributed in every corner of the room, so as to ensure that the indoor area has the ideal signal coverage. LTE indoor signal distribution system mainly by a variety of LTE outdoor 2-axis Marine Antenna, LTE indoor ceiling 2-axis Marine Antenna, power splitter passive devices, cables and repeaters and other components.