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The Angle Of The Problem Of Motor Homes Antenna Debugging

Edit: Dotogo Tecchnologies Co.,Ltd      Date:Aug 24, 2017

The angle of the problem of Motor Homes Antenna debugging
After a Motor Homes Antenna installed, the initial debugging is what angle, that is, elevation and azimuth for each degree? This problem is calculated by the technician and will soon be resolved, and most of the satellite earth stations will be able to find the signals to be received on the satellite receiver with the preset signal data received after this step. However, some ground stations are also calculated according to a good angle to adjust the initial angle of the Motor Homes Antenna, but a little signal can not catch.
This is mainly because: the local location input is not accurate, that is, the receiving location of the latitude and longitude are not allowed, in some places do not know their exact geographical location, and dozens or miles or hundreds of miles outside the latitude and longitude As a reference to be input, resulting in error. The calculated angle is defined by the "true north", with the North to determine the North and the North have a certain error, that is, "magnetic North" is not "true North." How to determine the true North, mainly using two methods, the North Star positioning method and the sun noon projection method. Polaris positioning method, because the Polaris every day and night after two meridians, during the day can not be observed at night and very inconvenient, and only the time of the Polaris through the meridian of the moment is true North, and other time and true North difference between the angle, So, rarely used. Sun noon projection method is more practical and convenient, this method is available in our country, but in the vicinity of the equator area will sometimes lose its meaning.
The implementation process of the method is briefly described as a vertical pole standing vertically on the ground with a certain length of the pole, with the projection of the pole at the top of the pole for continuous marking. With the sun moving, an arc trajectory is drawn on the ground. Of the vertex and the base of the pole of the shortest link that point to the true North. Adjust the angle of the satellite TV Motor Homes Antenna, remember not too hasty, whether it is elevation or azimuth, should gradually increase or decrease, can not suddenly changed a few degrees. To know that every change in the ground once, in the satellite all the synchronous orbit, then a difference of several hundred kilometers.
The initial angle of the problem, for the more experienced technical staff, do not have to be calculated, they are based on experience to receive the same satellite TV signal Motor Homes Antenna pointing and elevation as a reference, will soon capture the TV signal.
 The size of the Motor Homes Antenna depends on three elements: working bandwidth, operating frequency and radiation efficiency. Global mobile data users want their devices to be networked anywhere in the world. This expectation presents a huge burden on network and device performance. In mobile data devices, the Motor Homes Antenna is the only component of the "touch" network, and optimizing the performance of the Motor Homes Antenna becomes more and more important. However, the challenges faced by 4G Motor Homes Antenna designs in smartphones and tablets are daunting.
In China, we often say five modes. It means that different operators use different formats and use different wireless bands. In addition to Bluetooth, WIFI, radio, GPS and so on. Any contact with the outside world are inseparable from the Motor Homes Antenna. And now the mobile phone tablet, but in the direction of the development of light, which reserved for the Motor Homes Antenna space less and less.
Today we look at the 4G era, the Motor Homes Antenna is how to complete this task and challenge.
We know that there are many factors that affect the performance of a Motor Homes Antenna with handheld mobile devices. Although these factors are relevant, but can usually be divided into three categories: Motor Homes Antenna size, multi-Motor Homes Antenna between the mutual coupling and equipment using the model.
 For the automotive industry, in general there are two major development direction, one is energy, such as new energy vehicles, wireless charging; the other is intelligent, including the increasingly rich content of the car infotainment system. These intelligent evolution are inseparable from the application and development of automotive antenna communication technology.
    Motor Homes Antenna technology can achieve real-time monitoring of vehicle conditions, positioning navigation, vehicle command and dispatch, environmental parameters collection, car entertainment and so on. At present, the country has gradually promoted the intelligent public transportation system, which is 2G / 3G / 4G wireless communication technology, which can realize the intelligent operation of bus operation and the information visualization of the operation of the bus, and give the public passengers the perfect information service.