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Is There A Need To Modify The Car's 2-axis Marine Antenna?

Edit: Dotogo Tecchnologies Co.,Ltd      Date:Sep 06, 2017

Is there a need to modify the car's 2-axis Marine Antenna?
With the weather cleared, the gray winter was replaced by the bright spring. Many owners lazy, taking advantage of the season on their own car, "Teng Teng Teng."
Part of the car decoration not only make their own car looks more beautiful, new features may also be more practical. However, some car decoration is not the case. Perhaps it looks more beautiful, but the practicality is not so high. Today, I told you nagging nagging car external 2-axis Marine Antenna, it is in the end there is no use.
A long time ago, almost all cars will have a long 2-axis Marine Antenna, or placed at the top of the car, or placed next to the trunk, of course, there are some placed in the front, all kinds of cars 2-axis ocean Antenna looks exactly like "2-axis Marine Antenna baby". For a variety of "2-axis Marine Antenna baby", they usually have a radio, GPS and other functions, in the form is also divided into external 2-axis Marine Antenna and built-in 2-axis Marine Antenna.
External 2-axis Marine Antenna common common external (long section) and shark fin external 2-axis Marine Antenna (short section). If the car is shipped with a 2-axis Marine Antenna, the 2-axis Marine Antenna is often used to increase the FM FM signal, and it also releases the static electricity, which can release the static electricity accumulated in the car's enclosure Crew safety and car circuits.
Some friends in the car did not install the 2-axis ocean antenna, or because of the appearance of beauty, or because of the 2-axis Marine Antenna and the instructions did not see together. Even if some owners did not install the 2-axis Marine Antenna, in the course of the use of the signal did not feel any impact. This situation is generally in the city will appear, in fact, there will be such a situation, first of all have to understand its principles.
The so-called 2-axis Marine Antenna, the main role is to increase the signal, because the use of the city, the signal station coverage is more comprehensive, it did not install the 2-axis Marine Antenna can also receive FM. If the car to the more remote areas, then do not install the 2-axis Marine Antenna car signal is often poor (the author here refers to itself with a 2-axis Marine Antenna without the installation of 2-axis Marine Antenna car). At this time with an external 2-axis Marine Antenna car can be smooth listening to the song, in the country on the road was Joseph.
Built-in 2-axis Marine Antenna usually refers to the GPS2 axis marine antenna, the image point that it is a small black block, paste the car dashboard and other parts. And even some models are printed metal wire and become a 2-axis Marine Antenna and hidden in the rear windshield, side windshield, front windshield position. However, due to the limited size of the 2-axis Marine Antenna type, the sensitivity of the built-in 2-axis Marine Antenna is often slightly less than that of an external 2-axis Marine Antenna. But things are often double-sided, although the built-in 2-axis Marine Antenna in the signal to catch the external 2-axis Marine Antenna car slightly worse, the visual effects and a certain degree of security, anti-theft, built-in 2-axis Marine Antenna Win the first prize.
Is it necessary to retrofit a 2-axis Marine Antenna? To
For many of the pursuit of the perfect owner, the car is not as much detail on the details of his intention, the original 2-axis Marine Antenna is also true. For example, the following figure POLO, it is the use of an external 2-axis Marine Antenna, from the practical point of view, it can meet the increase in radio signal function. But from the beautiful will, seek truth from facts that can only be considered moderate.
For a lot of "glass heart" of the owners, personality and fashion is the most important thing, modified 2-axis Marine Antenna to become a modified list of the necessary. I opened a treasure, more than 10,000 baby remind me that the market demand is great!